Poás Volcano National Park

It is the protected wilderness area that receives the most visitors in Costa Rica.

It covers an area of 6,500 hectares.


His immense crater depth of 300 meters and a diameter of 365 meters, is the main show, complete with walking trails and Laguna Botos.

There are several trails:


The "Sombrilla de Pobre (Poor's umbrella) Trail" is 600 meters with a length of about 10 to 15 minutes that will take you to the edge of the crater which is 2.700 meters high.

The "Laguna Botos Trail" is a journey of 30 minutes, and it will take you to an emerald lagoon by a high sulfur content.


The "Escalonia Trail" d530 meters long and can be done in 20 minutes and take you to the heart of a forest where you can see squirrels, wild pigs, birds like hummingbirds and quetzals, flora and poor's umbrellas, orchids and bromeliads.

The Plave

It has a visitor center, basic services and well-marked trails.

How to get there

From Finca Vibran Bed and Breakfast to the National Park is 45 minutes or 22,1 km by highway 120. 

Located 10km from the Poasito Community.


Entrance is about ¢1,000 ($2) for residents, 65 and older residents don't pay.

Adult tourists $15 and turist children pay $5