The Metalic Church from Grecia

How to get there
From Finca Vibran Bed and Breakfast to go to the Church "Iglesia Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" you will take route 107, on the way to Grecia it is 18 minutes or 9,4 km.

There is no charge to enter the temple and visit. 

The metalic Church from Grecia, red and neogothic style, it is located in front of the Central Park of Grecia. 

It is an interesting attraction by its originality and rareness.

Built between 1894 y 1912, totally metalic, because the prevuious temple mansory built, was damaged during the earthquakes from 1882/

In addition to its beautiful architecture it has beautiful paintings, religious images and a marble altar.

The import was from Belgium from the company "Ateliers de la Societe de Couvillet", the windows were brought from Italy and the organ, which is the best in the country was imported from Germany.

The Church Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes de Grecia is the only metallic temple of Central America.

Leading in Central Park visitors can also see the culture of its people, mango trees and pigeons.