Recreation Park Los Chorros

Natural refuge located 2 kilometers from Santa Gertrudis Sur, in Tacares of Grecia.

There is fun for everyone here, you can walk the trails, swim in the pools. or challenge the strength of a huge waterfall.

You will also see birds and butterflies and if you are lucky some armadillo, squirrel or raccoon.

This place is ideal for a one day adventure.

On the trails you can appreciate nature, as you move, the sound of water announces that the first waterfall is close, the beauty of "Zamora" with its 60 meters is impressive and visitors can swim in the small pools the river makes.

A hammock bridge invites further explore further, you will see the second waterfall "Prendas" which measures 55 meters high and although it is smaller it is very dangerous to swim there, and it is better to admire from a viewpoint.

Then you will see "Los Chorros", a waterfall with medium jets of water coming out of a huge stone wall.

Estimated adventure time is about 1.5 hours.

How to get there

From Finca Vibran Bed and Breakfast to go to "Recreation Park Los Chorros", you take San José Street and then you take 722 route, 18 minutes in total or 9.7 km.

It is 2 km after Santa Gertrudis Sur.  


Parking lot ¢1,000 colones ($2) for residents and ¢2,000 ($4) for turists.

Entrance is $5 to residents and $6 for turists.