Grecia's Municipal Market

The Municipal Market is located next to the bus stop in the city center.


Has 99 years of existence, it employs 300 people and receives about 10,000 visitors daily.


Es un lugar interesante para visitar con sus muchos puestos de ventas donde se puede encontrar frutas, verduras, carnes, especias y pezcado, además de plantas medicinales, quesos y souvenirs.

It is an interesting place to visit with its many stalls where you can find fruits, vegetables, meats, spices and fish, medicinal plants, cheeses and souvenirs.

In addition there are many restaurants where you can delight with fresh dishes like ceviche, beef pot, married, a coffee, etc.


You will not regret any food choices you make!

In the market you can eat very well and the prices are very reasonable.