Information about Costa Ricaa

Name: República de Costa Rica

Language: Spanish. English spoken in the province of Limón, in the tourism industry and the majority of professionals in the Central Valley.

Capitol: San José


Our seven provinces:

  1. Alajuela

  2. Cartago

  3. Guanacaste

  4. Heredia

  5. Limón

  6. Puntarenas

  7. San José

Independence from Spain September 15 of 1821.

Location: Central America, South border with Nicaragua,  and North border with Panamá, to the West the Pacific Ocean , to the East the Caribbean Sea

Area: 50.660 Square kilometers

Government: Democratic Republic.


Population: 4,509,290 people.

Legal System: Based in Spain's legal system.

New government elections: every 4 years.

¢500 Coin (Five hundred Colones) - Approx. $1

¢10,000 Bill (ten thousand Colones) - Approx. $20

Tropical y sub-tropical Climate

Dry season: December / April

Rainy season: May / November

Cool in the mountains.

Average daytime temperature: 25 C.

Plot: Planes in mountainous areas separated by coast

Military: abolished since 1948. No army.

Geography: 9 volcanoes, two of them active.

Education: free primary and secondary.

Literacy 99%

Life expectancy:
79 for men
106 for women (2010 Census)

Currency: Colon exchange rate 500 / US dollar.


Religion: Catholic majority of the population

Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, Bahai, Taoist, Rastafari.


Communications: telephone, facsimile, telex, radio, internet, cable TV

Office hours

Government:  8:00am to 4:00pm
Commerce:  8:00am to 6:00pm.


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